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Fathym IoT Ensemble Sets Your Data Free

September 30, 2021 by Kim Loomis, Product Owner @ Fathym

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“The ability to take data – to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualise it, to communicate it – is going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades.”

Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google

If you love your data, set it free.

Any business should tell you that one of their greatest raw materials is data. Data contains raw observations, figures and facts. It doesn’t harbor any real meaning without interpretation. Once interpreted and analyzed though, it becomes highly valuable information, providing insights and meaning. That information empowers business leaders to make the best decisions about strategy and growth based on facts, trends and statistical numbers.

But there’s an inherent problem with data. In a lot (a lot!) of instances data remains locked inside one or very few systems for a business. The business is beholden to the system and that system becomes a data silo. That silo harbors the business’ essential, wonderful data that has been collected. And the data doesn't get used to its full advantage.

The system might tout itself as a one-stop shop for the business. That is super attractive – one entity that can enable the business in all ways. But it’s tough to be an expert in all aspects of business. In truth, the data is locked away and its power is never realized. The system doesn’t get the business to their desired station at all or it gets them partway down the tracks. Numbers have to be crunched outside of the system. C-level decisions take weeks or months to be made. Sales and marketing look at different information or information differently and never get aligned. Customers start looking elsewhere when the business doesn’t meet their needs and smaller, more nimble companies start chomping away at the business.

Downstream Experts

IoT Ensemble is not a one-stop shop. Instead, it’s a virtual developer that’s an expert at what it does - helping you connect devices, understand data and scale IoT applications. It thrives on getting data from your sensors to the cloud. It lets you easily view raw device message payloads, ensure data is streaming and confirm it’s the expected data. Finally, it makes the data accessible for downstream connections.

And that’s where IoT Ensemble differs from many other IoT solutions. It doesn’t seek to be the end-all, be-all, by interpreting and analyzing the data. Instead, IoT Ensemble is your facilitator on your journey to realizing that ultra-valuable information. With IoT Ensemble’s Storage Access APIs, you have rapid access to IoT data, in a number of different formats, ready to be used with other expert systems.

✅ Do you want awesome dashboards? Take the data into Grafana.

✅ Do you want to set up automations? Take the data into IFTTT.

✅ Do you want to set up alerts? Take the data into Logic Apps.

✅ Do you want to perform data analytics? Take the data into Tableau.

✅ Do you want to share the data throughout your entire organization? Take the data into SharePoint.

✅ Do you want to perform data insights? Take the data into Power BI.

✅ Do you want to do data integrations? Take the data into Zapier.

✅ Do you want impressive visualizations? Take the data into D3.js.

This list goes on. The point is your data is free with IoT Ensemble and ready to go wherever you need it to become the valuable information your business needs.