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Your Code. Low Code. No Code.
Develop and deploy micro frontends in a headless, open world.

Flashup today, scale tomorrow

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller Increase the tempo of development, adoption of new strategies, and get more out of your time.

1. Start with your skills

Developers love the frameworks they love. No matter the framework, Fathym has you covered. Deploy with micro frontends to seamlessly use the right frameworks for the right job.
Non-developers need a way to showcase their own skills. Whether a photo gallery, blog, or simple web presence, utilize Fathym to combine proven open source solutions and bring your ideas to life.

Your code

Bring your sites and applications that you already have in GitHub or NPM.

Build and deploy

Automate devops processes behind the scenes so you get back to the good stuff.
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2. Use your team to do more

Keeping up with the ebb and flow of technology is a daunting task for teams. Get more than the sum of your parts, leverage Fathym to automate your team workflows.
Take your experience and coding skills to new heights. Fathym will help you develop low-code solutions that enable junior and mid- level developers to accelerate.

Low code

Use existing open source solutions or turn your code into reusable building blocks.


Micro frontend applications make it simple to create your business in a day.
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Compose Applications

Fathym micro frontends are a powerful tool that allow your team to use the frameworks best fit for the job. Break free from monolithic, use open source and custom code in harmony.

Engage Users

Don't wait weeks and months, take hours. Build engaging user experiences that Flashup your idea. Learn from your users and rapidly react with solutions to their problems.

Enhance Experiences

Augment your applications with low-code modifiers. Bring Google Tag Manager to every application, add support chat from your CRM, or develop custom enhancements yourself. Configure and manage from a central location across all applications.

3. Scale your solutions

You no longer need a huge budget or months to get started. Flashup your business across shared infrastructure built to scale with you and your customer's needs.
Outgrown Fathym's shared infrastructure? Looking to bolster the value of your business? Employ all the same great tools from your own private or managed clouds.

No code

Build tools that streamline productivity and bring value to your customers.

Cloud scale

Flashup on shared infrastructure, grow with your customers, scale as needed.
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Enterprise as Code

Bringing infrastructure as code, application life cycle and identity management at scale. Develop custom automations that accelerate and enable your existing teams.

Accelerate Innovation

Fathym enhances your development workflow so your resources can can focus on the customer. Accelerate internal innovation and streamline customer engagement.

Enterprise Whitelabels

Enable new lines of business, migrate your legacy solutions, and advance your technology today. Flashup a website in mere minutes with plug-and-play open-source apps.

Why deploy with Fathym?

Fathym's powerful micro-frontends allow work to be divided and conquered concurrently. Virtual developers handle the heavy lifting of the hosting and devops automation, saving both time and money. Plus, the ability to use multiple frameworks! Discover new ways to maximize resources and knowledge from your team with your code, low code, and no code tools. Harness solutions from the open source universe or developed by your team.
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