Fathym Platform

Cloud-native app deployment, out-of-the-box.

Fathym is a composable application platform for delivering future-proof, enterprise-ready applications with Azure.

Get Started for Free
Get Started for Free

Deploying applications to an enterprise-ready Azure environment has never been easier.

Spend more time coding and testing than provisioning and deploying. Fathym gives you a best practice, cloud-native workflow for rapid application development, testing and release.

Composable Application Development

Develop composable applications with modular frontends and microservices for agile and scalable application delivery.

Built-In CI/CD

Automated build pipelines and source controls for no-code, hassle-free deployments.

Application Governance

Easily version and spin off new apps
Consolidated control panel for hosting and managing your application portfolio.

Best Practice Cloud Infrastructure

Azure cloud
Automated, best practice, cost effective Azure cloud provisioning.

Our Cloud or Yours

SaaS or Licensed
Get started hassle-free in our SaaS cloud. Scale to a cloud hosted in your own Azure tenant for maximum control.

Identity Management

Custom SSO
Authenticate users across your applications. Set up custom single sign-on (SSO).

Continuous Test and Release

Streamlined UI
Accelerate development cycles. Fathym enables non-developers to easily test updates and ship to production when ready.

Enterprise-Ready Security

Secure your IP
Take advantage of Azure’s advanced security features. Secure your data ownership and intellectual property in your own Azure tenant.

Custom Workflows

Fathym not only offers simplified workflows for releasing your applications to the cloud but gives you the ability to create your own custom workflows to accelerate your team.

Trusted and Verified Solutions

Bringing overwhelming technology to even the most basic of competitive battles, our data can solve your problems today.


Supply Chain
Choke points and bottle necks don't need unexpected interruptions. Much more than alerts, this is integrated intelligence.


Concerts & Sports
Corridors flooded with people? Let's make sure rain and floods don't interrupt. With our help the show will go on.


The wheel might be where it all started but it's not where we're going. Now we need real intelligent tech to keep everything rolling.


Agriculture & Mining
Money doesn't grow on trees but it'll certainly fall off of them if they don't make it through the storm. We also help with gold digging. ;)


Energy Outlook
Solar. Wind. Rain. Fire. The elements may help us make power but they can also disrupt its generation. We keep eyes on it.


They're Coming
They're here today. Drones and self-driving vehicles may be getting smarter but they still need help navigating the weather.

< Let's Get (a little) Technical >

Data born. Data taught. Data driven.

Cloud Native

Always Web + ML
Our heads may have always been stuck in the clouds, but we live where the physical environment meets the silicon environment.

Data & IoT

Not Just Our Two Sense
We're bringing more than just another weather station - what sensors do you need sensed and made sense of?

Multiple Data Feeds

We have lots of data, but maybe our data isn't enough to get you to the solution you need. We play nice with your data too.

Micro to Macro

Hyper Local to 10,000ft
A few miles up to a few inches off the ground. County-wide or just your front door. Flexible data modeled flexibly.

Our Cloud or Yours

SaaS or Licensed
From a cost-conscious, worry-free, hosted SaaS API to being licensed in your Cloud with your protected IP. Options.

An App for That

Bespoke, Boutique, un-Biased
If we don't have the app you need, we have the building blocks behind the scenes to get you there. Tell us what you're looking for.

Your out-of-the-box, virtual cloud architect.

Fathym automates a best practice Azure cloud so your team can focus on higher-value business logic.

You’re in control.

Platforms that abstract cloud complexity have a trade-off for your level of control, accessibility, scalability and freedom to migrate. Not with Fathym. Fathym automates a best practice, cost effective cloud from the get-go, but with full access and freedom to control infrastructure in your own Azure tenant.

Shared Cloud

Get started with deploying future-proof, enterprise-ready applications in Fathym’s shared cloud.

Enterprise Cloud

Scale to your own cloud. Fathym automates best practice infrastructure in your own Azure tenant. Take advantage of Fathym’s streamlined out-of-the-box functionality, with full ownership and access to your infrastructure and code. Our agnostic architecture also gives you the freedom to adopt multicloud or migrate clouds.

Agile, future-proof, scalable. Make it composable.

Fathym facilitates the modularisation of your tech stack to be more flexible, reusable, maintainable and replaceable, with minimum disruption. Compose applications through modular and independently deployed frontends drawn from multiple repositories and different tech stacks (frameworks and even no-code).

Composable from end-to-end.

Isolate user interfaces from business and state logic in the backend. Pair frontends with modular APIs, and integrate with third-party, best-of-breed application services.


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Flowing Habistack data into logistic support dashboards for companies as diverse as the worlds largest banks and transportation customers.
Live Earth
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