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Get to Know Fathym IoT Ensemble

August 4, 2021 by Kim Loomis, Product Owner @ Fathym

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“It's not about adopting technology for the sake of adopting it. Technology is only one of the stepping stones to achieve the desired outcomes by businesses and revamp traditional organisations to compete in the digital age. Technological innovation is only a supporting element to realising value and goals.”

Csaba Gabor, Business Innovation Evangelist

A quick interview with IoT Ensemble, Fathym's Virtual Developer!

Q: Your name is quite a mouthful. Exactly what does "IoT Ensemble" mean?

IoT Ensemble (IE): Great question! My name sums it up. I pull together a lot of moving parts behind the scenes for IoT and ensure everything acts at once as a whole. I am a simple but powerful platform that provides the cloud-native infrastructure for your IoT project out of the box. I operate as your virtual IoT development team. My platform radically reduces the time and work involved in getting devices connected, understanding their data, and delivering end-to-end customer driven IoT applications.

Q: Wow. So help me understand exactly what you do, what are the "nuts and bolts"?

IE: Another excellent question! This really gets into how I'm your "Virtual Developer". First, I provide the best practice IoT cloud infrastructure you need to process, store, and query your data. I handle the heavy lifting of automating and managing your best practice cloud environment. Regarding others on my team (my human teammates), I let them focus on visualization, machine learning, and application development. I provide APIs for storing and sending data downstream to other services, such as Power BI or Azure Machine Learning. This allows my human counterparts to transform this data into valuable information or other assets such as applications or websites - the stuff that really helps grow an organization.

Get to Know IoT Ensemble

Q: Ok, let's pretend I'm an IoT Cloud Architect. What will you do for me?

IE: This one is straight-forward! I'm going to allow you to get a project started quickly (in minutes) instead of spending hours configuring cloud services. I do the configuring - I handle the infrastructure. Getting projects started and off the ground means the organization is producing more, increasing their value-add.

Q: All right, you're convincing me! What if I'm an Embedded Device Engineer? How can you help me?

IE: I'm here for this one, too! Instead of soliciting the services of a busy Cloud Engineer, I will help that Device Engineer get a prototype working and sending data downstream quickly. This allows the organization to make critical business decisions fast about which avenues to pursue and which to, well, not.

IoT Ensemble

Q: Let me throw a curve ball here. What if IoT is not my main job and I'm a Maker or a DIY-er. Can you still help me?

IE: Absolutely! I will help you view and make use of the data your Raspberry Pi is collecting. I can help with all sorts of these inexpensive single-board computers. I can reduce the frustration that DIY-ers experience and up the fun factor by getting things working easily.

Q: Awesome! Now I have to ask you about your spare time. Any hobbies?

IE: That's a funny question! I don't have any downtime. Call me a workaholic, but I love managing the cloud, abstracting complexity, being cost efficient, and making IoT easy for everyone all the time.

Try IoT Ensemble today - it makes IoT easy!