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Fathym Virtual Developers

July 21, 2021 by Kim Loomis, Product Owner @ Fathym

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“Fathym is all about facilitating rapid innovation. Our suite of no and low-code tools not only enable a broader spectrum of users to create complex applications, but also frees up developer time to focus on creating value rather than underlying infrastructure.”

Matthew Smith, Fathym CEO

What are Virtual Developers?

No, they are not robots or people with virtual headsets working on code.

This is about straight-forward, easy to understand, low-code, no-code software platforms (SaaS) that provide serious horsepower. These serve as your virtual development team.

These developers encompass weeks, months or years of understanding and knowledge about specific topics.

They cost a fraction of what a human developer would cost to hire, manage and retain.


They do not have a learning curve — they are already subject matter experts. They are out-of-the-box ready to go.

They get jobs done in minutes, not days or months. They reduce the time, cost and effort toward accomplishing your organization’s goals.

Virtual developers do the hard work, the heavy lifting, the repetitive work, the foundational work.

They do a lot of the work that developers do not want to do, but have to do in order to get to the “fun stuff” - creating an app or a website.

The human developers are a lot happier when they are focused on the work they want to do. They are more efficient and effective in their work. They feel more invested in their organization’s goals and are more compelled to work. Virtual developers let them do just that.

Virtual Developers

Virtual developers free up your other valuable resources to do the exploratory work, the investigative work, the work that expands and grows your organization.

As a result, this is the work that expands your product offering, reduces your development cycles, gets you in more markets, gets you more profit, higher margins, better return, more dividends, and bigger investments.

Fathym’s Virtual Developers are ready to go to work for you. Try IoT Ensemble today - it makes IoT easy!