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IoT Ensemble Licenses

Shared Plans

Our shared plans are geared at offering a more structured understanding of cost and data velocity. Great for teams new to IoT or lacking cloud-native experience, one of our shared plans will offer a cost per device understanding as the IoT solution scales. If our shared plans don't fit the IoT project needs, look at how the enterprise plans can help you.

Free Plan

Sign up for free. No credit card required.

  • IoT Management - we manage all of the IoT infrastructure. You just use it.
  • Shared Cloud - to help make IoT affordable, there are shared resources.
  • Connect 1 device - connect one device for free.
  • 60 seconds Data Velocity - send data from a device every 60 seconds.
  • 3 days of Data Retention - device data will be stored in IoT Ensemble for 3 days.

Starter Plan

$20/month or $200/year

  • IoT Management
  • Shared Cloud
  • Connect 10 devices
  • 60 seconds Data Velocity
  • 3 days of Data Retention

Professional Plan

$70/month or $700/year

  • IoT Management
  • Shared Cloud
  • Connect 50 devices
  • 30 seconds Data Velocity
  • 7 days of Data Retention

Enterprise Plans

Need more data velocity? Looking to host on your cloud? Bring the same great solutions and simplicty (with additional tools and horsepower) to deliver IoT solutions at scale in private enterprise clouds.


To get started with an Enterprise license, email