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IoT Ensemble Hosting Plans

Growth is good, but it can be difficult, costly, time-consuming and involve a lot of your resources.

What typically happens in organizations is there is an investment in a SaaS solution - time, money and resources. Over time, the organization grows and finds their needs have changed and has to look for a different solution. Technology may change as well and the organization wants to take advantage of it. But there is reluctance to make such a move - it's a huge level of effort to move data. Consequently, the organization feels stuck between a rock and hard place. This doesn't happen with Fathym. If you outgrow Fathym SaaS, you can move it easily to your cloud and start customizing to your heart's content.

Let's look at how the different hosting plans align with the pace of your growth.

Hosting Plans

Shared Plan

IoT Ensemble is a public SaaS application open to everyone. It’s available at and it’s hosted in Fathym's Microsoft Azure account.

Enterprise Plans

SaaS for You in Your Cloud

With an enterprise plan, IoT Ensemble is hosted in your organization's Azure account and can be customized based on your needs. IoT Ensemble is private for your organization and not open to the public.

SaaS for Your Customers

Everything from Enterprise Plan 2, plus you can charge your customers to use your organization's IoT Ensemble.

White Labeled SaaS

Everything from Enterprise Plan 3, plus you can white label IoT Ensemble with your organization's logos and colors. In addition, sell your white-labeled IoT Ensemble application to other users.