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Welcome to Fathym

Fathym helps you develop, automate, and manage the delivery of modern web projects. Take control of DevOps processes with a complete platform for hosting, continuously building, and deploying your applications. As your project grows, learn how to authenticate your users, build complex micro frontends, A/B test user experiences and more.

We take care of the tedious, boilerplate aspects of project delivery so you can focus on discovering and providing value to your users.

Deliver your next project with Fathym to benefit from incremental upgrades, decoupled codebases, independent deployments, and team autonomy.

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Code and Deploy

Developed as a complete micro-frontend platform, Fathym makes the deployment of your next JAMStack, legacy, and single page applications straightforward. The first step is to sign up for Fathym, then you can deploy existing recipes from open source or connect GitHub to deploy your own projects. There are a number of different ways to deploy your code from GitHub artifacts and NPM packages to zip files and site builders.


Getting Started

The Getting Started guide will walk you through the basics of getting up and running with Fathym. Learn how to host applications, set up continuous integration, and configure your first micro frontends.

Javascript Frameworks

No matter your flavor, the frameworks you use and love will work with Fathym. Try out React, Svelte, Angular, or Vue.

Static Site Builders

If you're looking for something with a more rapid starting point, check out Docusaurus or Plasmic.

Framework Understanding

If you’re looking to better understand what we offer, head over to our Applications guide.

JAMStack e-Commerce

The JAMStack e-Commerce guide shows how to use Forestry, 11ty, and snipcart to rapidly pull together a working e-commerce site.

Easily Host Power BI Reports

The Easily Host Power BI Reports guide shows how to take your existing PowerBI reports, and securely deliver them in a branded domain and application with Fathym. Learn how to leverage open-source applications, set up continuous integration, and configure your first Fathym application.