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Using our arcade to help explain micro frontends

Back in the day, there were a few things that were great about childhood.

Saturday morning cartoons. Breakfast for dinner. Staying up past your bedtime.

And going to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters. Those neon lights blinking with the sound of tickets printing out of the machines. Trying to win prizes you’d never play with again and forcing your little brother to run up the skeeball machine to cheat the system.

Our arcade is the example of how we use micro frontends at Fathym.

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How to use Figma as a headless WordPress

The end goal of a User Interface is for it to be user-friendly, exciting and fun!

So, why not start there and work backwards? That’s what Figma has done.

Now, everyone from the designers to marketers and even developers or the CEO can get in on the fun and help show off what their vision might be. What’s so nice about the collaboration model is, considering how specialized some companies are, one may be surprised where the best ideas come from.

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Businesses aren't using IoT data effectively, report says | IoT Ensemble can help

Inmarsat interviewed over 450 businesses from across oil and mining, transportation, agriculture and other sectors, with 86% saying they don’t use IoT data well enough.

But our IoT Ensemble can help companies looking to organize their data, to be able to share it within the company and to third parties for analysis and much more.

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Figma + FireJet + Fathym = Fantastic

Now that we are into the general release phase of business, we’re excited to show developers how our virtual developer can make your life easier. And help you build websites faster.

Speaking of building websites fast, today we’re specifically talking about using Figma and a plugin FireJet, which has seemingly turned the design and development world on its head, starting with the design first.

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Core Values | Inclusivity Introduction

As we continue to grow at Fathym, we’re defining our core values, our pillars if you will. And the first one we’ve identified is inclusivity.

We aim to include anyone and everyone who wants to build their website from the ground up. Our pricing is inclusive – free to start – as is our goal of lowering the bar in terms of what it takes to build a website. Our inclusivity continues with micro frontends – use your favorite JavaScript Framework – and we take feedback from users seriously.

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Use your time efficiently, scale as you grow with Fathym

As we move forward through 2022, Fathym is evolving at a fast and furious pace. And now we want to help your business scale as you grow.

For years, we’ve been in the business of assisting other businesses – and individuals – grow in terms of knowledge, with their digital presence online as well as growing the scope of their operations.

Now, in our general release phase, we’re ready to assist you in using your time efficiently as you scale.

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Fathym is now Generally Available

At the start of 2022 we released Fathym in beta. Since then it’s been incredible to see the reaction, with over 15,000 signups and 5,000 sites and web applications deployed on Fathym. Through this period, we have received valuable feedback from users and were able to put that to work by resolving bugs while improving speed and performance.

Today, we are delighted to announce that Fathym has concluded the beta period and is now generally available. We are particularly excited to unveil extended functionality and features so you can do even more and scale development through our paid plans.

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4 JavaScript frameworks you should know

Some companies pride themselves as being on the cutting edge.

Here at Fathym, we’ve been ahead of the curve for a long time when it comes to micro frontends.

In recent years, micro frontends have gained a great deal of popularity. That only makes things all the sweeter now that we’ve worked to become experts in the field and others are starting to catch on and catch up.

Luckily, within micro frontends, developers can use whichever JavaScript framework they like the best.

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