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Listen | Fathym on the Views on Vue Podcast

August 25, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

Here in Colorado, we have many great views. From the mountaintops to the valleys and the hills in between.

And when it comes to Vue.js, Fathym is a fan of the JavaScript Framework.

Our Director of Engineering Jeremy Tomlinson and Brand Communications representative Rich Kurtzman were happy to be part of the Views on Vue Podcast in mid-August.

During the interview, host Steve Edwards asked our team about many things including:

  • Who Fathym is and what we do
  • Hosting with Azure and/or AWS
  • Modular frontends
  • Our content on Vue

"On the whole, we like to think of Fathym as an innovation acceleration engine," Tomlinson explained. "On the hosting side, we help companies get their projects into the cloud. Right now, we're specifically focused on Microsoft Azure. We have a platform for controlling cloud cost."

Jeremy and Rich touched on:

"We're always aiming to lower the bar in terms of what it takes to build a website through our Fathym Platform," Kurtzman explained. "We allow people to use low-code tools, no-code tools or even JavaScript frameworks."

Check out the entire podcast and get all the awesome info into how the Fathym Platform works and how we can help companies get their site hosted in Microsoft Azure with ease.

Listen to the Views on Vue Podcast with Jeremy Tomlinson and Rich Kurtzman of Fathym here.