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WATCH | IoT Ensemble overview

June 30, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

The Internet of Things is becoming more and more ubiquitous.

Smart homes are now featuring things like smart TVs, smart refrigerators, security systems and much more. They’ll only continue to get smarter over time.

Similarly, there are ways to build your own IoT hardware – like DIY garden sensors – get the data, and then read it all in order to learn how to grow better vegetables. That’s what we did with SparkFun UV light, environmental and soil moisture sensors.

The limit of these DIY smart things is only your imagination. Want to see how many times a day your kids open the fridge? Or the cookie jar? Or get an alarm if the back door is left open when the A/C is on? You can do it!

The sensors are relatively inexpensive to buy and straightforward to connect to one another.

But, there’s an urgent demand for IoT software.

The same goes for those in the manufacturing and industrial side of things. Automation is on the rise as manufacturing sees a resurgence in the United States. That means more PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and a torrent of data incoming for companies who are once again (or continue to be) making things.

How will data managers keep on top of it all?

IoT Ensemble

That is why in January 2021, we launched Fathym IoT Ensemble, a simple but powerful platform that provides easy to use software out of the box.

We knew there had to be a better way for getting started with an IoT project that doesn’t require weeks or even months of configuration. IoT Ensemble operates as your virtual IoT development team and radically reduces the time and work involved in getting devices connected, understanding their data, and delivering end-to-end customer driven IoT applications.

IoT Ensemble is cloud-native, meaning we handle all of the storage of data, scalability and management of the cloud for you.

Breweries boomed during the pandemic, and we’ve worked with them in the past with IoT Ensemble in a single aspect of their process, but there are many more opportunities as well. Other manufacturers like those building batteries for electric vehicles, semiconductor chips for cars and many other uses are either currently or about to build multi-billion dollar plants in the US.

There are many companies who can benefit from strong, easy-to-use IoT software like: Powerfleet's refrigerated trucks with temperature-sensitive cargo, a label company, or Tridium’s Niagara and their HVAC system management.

Whether you’re a giant manufacturer, a small and local business or an individual DIYer, IoT Ensemble is an easy and free-to-try solution to the need for IoT software. Our video below walks users through the simple process of setting everything up, and then once you have your data flowing in, dazzling dashboards are simple to construct, too.


Continue to discover IoT Ensemble here.

Have questions? Refer to the docs, or sign up for a free account and reach out!