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WATCH | Learn how to modularize your monolith

June 3, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

In early June, we wrapped up our second Discord Live session. And we should report it was a success.

As we continue to show the world how useful micro frontends are, we decided to begin from the usual starting point: Going from a monolith to a more modular approach. In our livestream, we demonstrated exactly how to do so.

Here’s our visual representation of how fully modular micro frontends look to Fathym:

When you modularize your monolith with Fathym, to the end user, all of the routes (pricing, docs etc.) seem as if everything is written in the same framework. But, the end user doesn’t know if it’s React, Angular etc. That opens up possibilities for the developer to use new technologies and better fits depending on what is needed for each page/app.

If you're still using a monolith and you host with Fathym, you can start by breaking out one, single page at a time. That allows you to start small and continue down the path to modularization at your own pace. And this video shows just how to do it:

For more reading on the topic, check out our Modularize your monolith frontend blog here. And be sure to sign up for a free account to start using our micro frontends today.