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Use your time efficiently, scale as you grow with Fathym

April 29, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

As we move forward through 2022, Fathym is evolving at a fast and furious pace. And now we want to help your business scale as you grow.

For years, we’ve been in the business of assisting other businesses – and individuals – grow in terms of knowledge, with their digital presence online as well as growing the scope of their operations.

Now, in our general release phase, we’re ready to assist you in using your time efficiently as you scale.

Scale your team

So, you’ve decided to grow your business. Congratulations! It's an exciting time for any organization.

However, it can also be a scary time for hiring managers.

There are many considerations for hiring a new developer, or content creator, or HR person; the list goes on.

Specifically in terms of a developer, your website may be built in a certain JavaScript framework, meaning narrowing your search to someone that knows that particular language. Fathym makes it feasible to use any JavaScript framework, though, simultaneously opening up hiring opportunities and saving you precious time.

Conversely, if you are scaling back your team, asking someone else to pick up the work is easier when you have more options. Resource attrition is natural. Fathym will help alleviate that pain.

But back to hiring. Hiring strategically, for the “hard skills” like knowing a particular coding language or JavaScript framework is out, and hiring for “soft skills” is in.

That means looking for people who can contribute to your organization no matter their experience level. These are team players, problem-solvers and customer-oriented thinkers. Simply, they need to be able to play well with others.

Finding folks who are readily available to take on any task you throw their way will lead to you being able to scale your team by allowing the individual to grow their own abilities.

Develop “citizen developers”

Now we’re talking about scaling your team without increasing the number of employees.

Has your marketing team been asking for a new blog homepage but your developers are caught up keeping other parts of the website running? Thanks to no-code static site builders, it’s likely your marketing team can build their own homepage without much help from anyone.

That’s the concept of “citizen developers.” Citizen developers don’t need any coding or developing experience to build a website – or page – allowing the entire group to work more efficiently and save time.

We offer the use of no-code site builders thanks to our dynamic micro frontends platform.

And the example extends much further than just the marketing team. Which is again why hiring folks with “soft skills” as we discussed above, is key.

Scale your efforts

Those citizen developers can use open-source programs – which we use all the time at Fathym – and all of a sudden, productivity is increased while stress levels are lessened.

Thanks to our aforementioned micro frontends platform, work is divided into teams, and each of them can work concurrently while being autonomous as well. No more need for “taking turns” as teams usually don’t have to wait on one another to get their particular task done.

The structure of smaller teams allows for more command and control. Zero in on one task, knock it out of the park and then move onto the next.

Nonetheless, our structure also allows for freedom and flexibility. Teams are free to make their own decisions as they work autonomously, and if a task isn’t completed quickly enough, another person can be added to the team to temporarily move its work forward.

And while you’re scaling your team’s efforts – involving more people, getting more done – we also automate things on the back end like continuous integration/delivery as well as managing your cloud. (See: No need to hire a cloud manager, saving time and money.)

Scale your cloud

Finally, as your online presence grows, your cloud will scale with you.

Fathym is built on Azure for enterprise-grade infrastructure and security. Bring in your own custom domains and secure them with SSL encryption.

And then, use what you need.

Have a special release and expecting much more traffic to your site? We’ll be there to beef up the bandwidth.

Serverless hosting means scalability on demand. If there’s a traffic spike because you created and shared something magical, it will respond automatically and scale up. In traditional server-based architectures, huge traffic spikes can overwhelm servers and crash a site. But not with us.

Keeping your site up and running is crucial for you, which means it’s top of mind for us, too.

And as you start with Fathym, your business can use our shared cloud environment. But as you scale, we can help you move to your own cloud.

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