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Flashup your arcade, or website, today

April 7, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

Imagine for a second it’s a simpler time. It’s Friday night, you’re at Pizza Hut and sitting in the corner are those couple of arcade games. It’s party time!

There’s nothing like an arcade game to bring back nostalgia of the 90s, simpler times, and fun.

We thought it important to create a classic arcade for our developers – and/or anyone – to play with in order to keep that spirit of being fun and entertaining.

We’re a cloud computing, software-developing company; things can get boring if we don’t bring a little levity now and again.

Fathym Arcade

That’s where the Fathym Arcade comes in.

We welcome developers using our new Social UI to add these to your dashboard and flashup your site.

Flashups are a new concept which our CEO, Matt Smith, created a few weeks ago. And it can be used multiple ways.

As a noun, a flashup is a startup business that gets off the ground in a hurry. Like the Space Shuttle, there’s an ignition and then it’s off into orbit. That’s our hope when helping businesses big and small get off the ground.

For example, we worked with a small, local business called Redwood Crystals in Fort Collins, CO and helped them get their business online in record time.

Read more here: Flashup use case: Redwood Crystals

As a verb, flashup can mean to “level up” an existing website or business, too.

Flashup your arcade or website

We can help you flashup and entire arcade, on your own dashboard – and then level up your website – for free by joining Fathym today!

Of course, the arcade is just a fun, exciting way to show off how you can use our micro frontends platform to create an entire website in mere minutes by using open-source GitHub repositories.

Need an e-commerce solution? Simply create a new route (/store) from your root and add Snipcart. Want a blog to keep people up to date on the happenings of your site? Use Docusaurus and get a blog going in minutes.

You can flashup an existing site and add that missing feature you’ve always wanted too, if you bring it over and have Fathym be your webhost on steroids.

Thanks to our micro frontends platform, we’re lowering the bar when it comes to the coding experience needed to get started. Utilizing open-source repositories is a way to build and deploy a site using a no code or low-code approach.

So, jump in and have fun, and then let your creativity run wild in terms of what you want to bring into your site.

Join Fathym

We want you to come and build a website at Fathym today.