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Flashup use case | Redwood Crystals, a small business

February 23, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

Fathym is fast.

Out with the old, in with the new.

The term “startups” is like, so 90s.

We’re into “flashups” here at Fathym.

Flashups rock

Flashups can be defined as a new business beginning in an instant. That’s in comparison to startups, which take tons of guessing, long business plans with ideas about the future and gathering investors.

“We don't just want a faster web, we want a web that provides faster results,” Fathym CTO Mike Gearhardt explained. “Performance of an application in terms of load times is one thing, building an application that performs for a business is another.”

For a creator, it means taking immediate action and building your online presence in minutes.

In today’s age, we’re focused on instant gratification, and Fathym’s immediacy of hosting satisfies while simultaneously giving small business owners credibility. In medium-sized cities like Boulder or Fort Collins, Colorado supporting small business is the backbone of the local economy. And it makes things a lot easier for owners if they can prove legitimacy with a website, especially one with e-commerce abilities.

Our front-end engineer George Hatch recently put Fathym to work hosting his partner’s website using open-source, third-party applications. That’s what makes it so fast to build!

That, and the fact that Fathym is a micro frontends platform, allowing developers to use not only a host of open-source apps, but also a variety of JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue and more) together.

As for Hatch, his site was built using React and a bunch of easy-to-use tools.

11ty was used for the layout and style of the website, while Forestry CMS was used for content management. That included pictures of their different crystals, as well as descriptions and prices etc.

“Using Forestry CMS allows non-developers to edit product information that is then synced up with the repository within GitHub,” Hatch explained. “This allows my partner to add and edit product information without having to know how to code.”

Fathym is not only making it easier to host a site in mere minutes, but we’re also lowering the bar in terms of coding experience. That allows non-developers to get in on the fun, too.

Finally, Hatch used Snipcart as his e-commerce solution, which was wonderful due to the customization of features.

“You can decide what kind of shipping you want, USPS, UPS etc.,” he explained. “They have all these options, too, like customizable taxes, discounts and they keep track of your orders as well.”

Meanwhile, Fathym does all the powerful work on the back end, which front end users don’t even have to worry about.

“It’s picking up the heavy lifting of the hosting and automation,” Fathym engineer Trevor Richardson explained. “Fathym is something you can use to build your own business off – or use to expand your current business.”

That goes for developers, small business owners, or corporations.

At Fathym, we give you the tools you need to succeed. Especially if you have the need...for speed.

Need for speed.

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