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Announcing Fathym's new branding

February 10, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

Fathym Thinky Growth. Transformation. Renewal.

Just like springtime in the Rockies, our Colorado-based tech company is going through an exciting evolution. We offer many powerful products, and they’re all coming under one roof: The Fathym umbrella.

“We want to centralize our low-code tools and our microservice orchestration tools in one place.,” CEO Matt Smith explained today. “We really need to embrace our brand more – a fathom means 6’ deep, depth, to comprehend. When you use Fathym, you can go 'deeper on demand' meaning that you can go as shallow (just launch a website quickly) or as deep (you're not locked in by us - you can really get to the technical guts of what you've made and change that too) as you want.”

User adoption growth

LowCodeUnit, our prized product, will be known as Fathym from now on. Our modern web hosting solution has been the chief focus of our efforts as of late, and we’ve seen phenomenal growth in terms of users just since the beginning of 2022. In fact, we’ve already surpassed 2021’s numbers in terms of users and we’re looking forward to a year of exponential growth.

In turn, those users have given us fantastic feedback, and we’re continuing to heed their advice and shift that into an improved User Interface, tutorials and better support. As we persist and progress, the user experience will only become refined and enhanced over time.

Micro frontends platform

As a modern webhost, Fathym is a powerful, customizable, micro frontends platform. It’s lowered the bar in terms of developing experience needed to host a site. Even more exciting, developers can use React, Angular, Vue.js or other frameworks to create their individual pages, and users own their code.

What Fathym can do is powerful; it really is multiple, traditional development positions all virtualized. That means more productivity if you’re a one-man show, and no matter the size of your team, more efficiency, saving time and money.

"When we built LowCodeUnit we were always intending to bring that same 'deeper on demand' aspect to the low code world," our CEO Smith continued. "We didn't want to make another configuration platform. We wanted to bring micro-service orchestration to the low code world. Modular Lego-like blocks of code and services brought together to build the app."

Our other products, Habistack, IoT Ensemble and pROADject join under the Fathym umbrella as well. IoT Ensemble helps users connect all kinds of smart devices and monitor them in real-time, applying to individuals and scalable up to enterprises. Habistack is our surface weather forecasting API while pROADject is a consumer road condition app; all of which are hosted on Fathym and all of which help one another.

Now that Fathym has turned the corner and moved into the user-adoption phase, our evolution will only continue.

Build anything you can Fathym.

Join Fathym today for free and let us know how we can improve this robust tool for you. We value and appreciate feedback from our users.