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Freelance Developers | Fathym saves you time as a virtual developer

February 3, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

Tackling a project alone can leave you feeling like a defensive back trying to take down NFL superstar Derek Henry.

Good luck with that.

At 6’3” and 247 pounds, “King Henry” is like a tank mixed with a sports car when he gets rolling down the field. The beastly back loves to run over would-be tacklers and he can take off, leaving them in his dust, too.

No doubt about it, Henry is a multi-dimensional problem for defenses.

And for any developer, hosting a website poses similar, multi-dimensional issues and it usually requires a team to problem-solve and get it across the goal line.

For freelance developers, building and hosting a website from the ground-up can be a daunting task. Sure, it’s one which can be accomplished, but what if the undertaking could be made just a bit easier? Or even a lot easier?

Fathym as a virtual developer

That’s where Fathym, a micro frontends framework, comes into play. Fathym assists developers in getting their projects securely hosted with release management. It’s totally out of the box so you bring your own code and domain. Plus, it's super easy and really helps you reduce costs without losing value.

“It’s picking up the heavy lifting of the hosting and automation,” engineer Trevor Richardson explained. “Fathym is something someone could build their own business off of.”

Save labor and save money

What Fathym can do is powerful; it really is multiple, traditional development positions all virtualized.

“You’ve got your Dev Ops engineer who would normally be writing these build scripts and setting up all these branching strategies and repositories; Fathym handles that,” Richardson continued. “Obviously you have your QA people, but you don’t need that middleman in terms of setting up these environments for your QA people, they can do it themselves very easily.

“Just taking out some of the manual, human labor there saves a lot of money and time,” Richardson said.

Clearly for freelancers, this is potent because you may be a one-man show. Luckily with Fathym, we have scouted the opponent and assembled a scheme to help plan for even the trickiest of obstacles.

“If you’re looking to build an application or a website through one of these bigger dev. shops, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny,” Richardson explained. “However, if you use something like Fathym to do all this stuff for you, you can seriously undercut those prices and still be making a very good amount of money without having to charge these absurd amounts to your customers.”

How does Fathym work?

We utilize GitHub as our code repository, and then use multiple different open-source platforms to bring content, e-commerce and anything else a customer may want. On top of that, developers can use the language they like best and use multiple languages, too. Best of all, you get to keep your code.

“You might like writing stuff in React and we can make that happen,” Director of Engineering Jeremy Tomlinson explained. “But your customer might say, ‘Hey, I want to add a store.’ And with Fathym you’re like, ‘Okay, no problem.’

“I’m just going to add another route for a store, and I don’t have to build that out of React. I can just go grab Snipcart and plug that in,” he said. “Maybe you’re using Forestry to manage all the images and content for your Snipcart. You push it along and ‘boom’ you don’t have to think about it anymore. That’s big!”

From hosting – using your own custom domain – to complete customization, Fathym is a freelance developer’s dream. Even better: We’re currently in the user-adoption phase!

Join Fathym today for free and let us know how we can improve this robust tool for you. We value and appreciate feedback from our users.