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Fathym is now Generally Available

April 28, 2022 by Kilian Carroll, Marketing Strategy @ Fathym

At the start of 2022 we released Fathym in beta. Since then it’s been incredible to see the reaction, with over 15,000 signups and 5,000 sites and web applications deployed on Fathym. Through this period, we have received valuable feedback from users and were able to put that to work by resolving bugs while improving speed and performance.

Today, we are delighted to announce that Fathym has concluded the beta period and is now generally available. We are particularly excited to unveil extended functionality and features so you can do even more and scale development through our paid plans.

What is Fathym?

Fathym is a platform for frontend developers and teams to build, manage and deploy high performance websites and web applications with the utmost flexibility. We automate the tedious, boilerplate aspects of project delivery so you can focus on building Jamstack sites or Single Page Applications with the JavaScript frameworks and Static Site Generators you love.

Getting started is as simple as connecting your GitHub repository and selecting your frameworks of choice. Select an open-source project to see Fathym in action or bring in your own code through GitHub or NPM and let us handle the automated build pipelines and deployments for your sites.

Go micro

Fathym’s powerful runtime and Distributed File System (DFS) enables you to seamlessly build your site as a series of micro frontends or micro sites. Instead of building your site or app as a difficult to maintain monolith, with Fathym you can break down development into smaller, autonomous micro frontends that can be easily composed as one site.

This leads to smaller, incremental deployments, more manageable and cohesive codebases, and allows for multiple teams to work on projects concurrently. Testing and release management are much simpler, as are the ability to rewrite, change or update parts of the frontend incrementally.

This micro approach to development provides the flexibility and control needed to build fast and high performing modern sites and applications, and works equally well for complex or simple apps, large or small teams. It also gives you the flexibility and freedom to use multiple frameworks or tools to build your project. For example, you can build your homepage with React, your blog with Gatsby and host your docs with Docusaurus. Choose what works best for each part of your project.

Stay in sync

Collaborating and keeping updated with your teammate’s requests and deploys has never been easier than through our intuitive social interface. Through your feed you can view the details for each build and navigate to the GitHub repository. View previews of your builds at the click of a button.

Read more on our Social UI here.

Deploy with confidence

The Fathym Global Edge Network is a cutting-edge system for delivering your content and sites at global points closest to your users. Pre-render your dynamic content and implement content minification, compression and inlining to deliver amazing web experiences at scale. Update to any version of your site through our version control, and easily rollback when things go awry.

Leverage the power of Azure

Fathym is built on Azure for enterprise grade infrastructure and security. Bring in your own custom domains and secure them with SSL encryption. Control who accesses your apps through our authentication and identity management filters.

Scale as you grow

Get started for free in our shared infrastructure environment and scale to a managed cloud or to your own environment with full access to your infrastructure and code in Azure. As you scale with our paid plans, you can also avail of single sign-on (including custom branded) and access control, serverless functions, application modifiers and platform white labeling.

Check out our pricing page to learn more and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions to find out what works best for you and your team.

Read more about Scale as you Grow here.

Get started today

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