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Core values | Inclusivity Introduction

May 2, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

As we continue to grow at Fathym, we’re defining our core values, our pillars if you will. And the first one we’ve identified is inclusivity.

We aim to include anyone and everyone who wants to build their website from the ground up. Our pricing is inclusive – free to start – as is our goal of lowering the bar in terms of what it takes to build a website. Our inclusivity continues with micro frontends – use your favorite JavaScript Framework – and we take feedback from users seriously.


Definition: The practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

How we promote inclusivity

As explained in our introduction, there are multiple ways we, as a technology company, are working to promote inclusivity. So, let’s look at them all.

Inclusivity by using low-code and no-code apps

One of our goals of the Fathym platform is to lower the bar for those who want to code, develop and make their own apps and websites.

As an introduction to the world of coding, we allow users to use low and no-code solutions, like static site builders which require very little knowledge to use.

For instance, our head of Brand Communications, Rich Kurtzman, uses Docusaurus to write and post his blogs. He had zero developing experience when he came to the company earlier this year, but now he dives into VSCode and has figured out how to make markdown work for him.

Similarly, our George Hatch used static site generator 11ty to create his Redwood Crystals website. While he does have developing experience, the goal was to “flashup” a website, or create it in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks.

As we continue to adopt users at an alarming rate, we’re producing our “recipe” videos, which help anyone get that site going incredibly quickly. Again, lowering the bar and helping code newbies get going.

Inclusivity in pricing

Currently, Fathym is free to try. That means you can come to us, and we’ll host a website for you for two weeks while you explore and evaluate not only micro frontends, but our Social UI and more.

After the free trial, we keep our pricing low and inclusive.

Inclusivity helped by micro frontends

And when you look at micro frontends, we’re inclusive there as well.

Micro frontends are simply breaking down a massive, monolithic codebase into smaller, individual and autonomous pieces. They allow for those smaller teams to use whichever JavaScript framework or static site generator they’d like to use.

So, a writer with no coding experience could still create your blog – from the written content to finding pictures, adding links and more – or your top-dog developer could build a killer home page with React.

Micro frontends allow for flexibility and openness, but they are inclusive because anyone can use the framework or SSG that suits them best.

Inclusivity in feedback

We’ve been in the user-adoption phase for 2022, and our numbers are growing. As they do, we’re getting valuable feedback and not only listening to it, but adapting to it as well.

We’re also including the community with our new live Discord sessions, which began late last month. That took place on Wednesday, April 27 on Discord and we will be hosting more sessions in the future, and will also share them on our YouTube channel.

We welcome feedback during that live chat, as well as questions. The goal is to give everyone a chance to learn and build with us.

Join Fathym

We invite you to join for free today and join in on all the fun and learning that building your own site can bring.