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Hosting Plasmic Sites

You’ve built a new Plasmic website and now you need to get it online. Where do you host it? What's the easiest? This is where Fathym saves the day! Follow these steps to get your Plasmic site up and running in minutes.

plasmic preview

  • When publishing your site from Plasmic Studio, use the CodeGen mode and publish to GitHub.
Update the plasmic-push.yml file
  • When viewing your repo in GitHub, click on the .github/workflows folder and then select the plasmic-push.yml file.

  • At the bottom of the file, add the following lines, and then commit the file:

    # publish github artifacts
    - name: Archive production artifacts
    uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
    name: jeremytomlinson-designsthatadapt
    path: ${{ }}

  • Replace jeremytomlinson-designsthatadapt with your project settings. Use your githubUsername-nameOfgithubRepo

Let's Get Started

  1. Create a Fathym Account. Sign up at

  2. After signup, authorize with GitHub and select which organization(s) to make available inside of Fathym.

  3. On the Projects page, select Create New Project.

  4. In Fathym, select your application and fill out the Create an Application form. Note: the route is the path your app will be served on. For example, In this case, the /plasmicsite is the route. You can choose any route for your web project. In addition, the same web project can be hosted multiple times on different routes if desired. This is especially useful for QA and Testing.

  5. In the Processor Details section, select the type of project. In this case we're using a View Package.

  6. Use "index.html" as the Default file.

  7. For the second Type field, select GitHub.

  8. Select your Organization, Repository, Build Path, and Build Number and click Save Application.

    • Build Path: Select plasmic-push.yml
    • Build Number: You can select any build of your repository. It doesn't have to be the latest build. If you're not sure what build to use, enter latest.
  9. Your Plasmic site is now ready to rock! Click the Launch icon to view your site hosted on

Start a free trial at

Learn More

Fathym is an all-in-one platform for running web projects. This means you can use Fathym for hosting most, if not all, of your web projects. Fathym is simple to use and set up which works perfectly when you have a basic website you want to get up and open for the world to use quickly – like this Plasmic site. Sign up at