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Habistack is the most flexible, cloud-native API for delivering machine learning and statistics-based forecasts with any combination of variables.

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Supply Chain
Choke points and bottle necks don't need unexpected interruptions. Much more than alerts, this is integrated intelligence.


Concerts & Sports
Corridors flooded with people? Let's make sure rain and floods don't interrupt. With our help the show will go on.


The wheel might be where it all started but it's not where we're going. Now we need real intelligent tech to keep everything rolling.


Agriculture & Mining
Money doesn't grow on trees but it'll certainly fall off of them if they don't make it through the storm. We also help with gold digging. ;)


Energy Outlook
Solar. Wind. Rain. Fire. The elements may help us make power but they can also disrupt its generation. We keep eyes on it.


They're Coming
They're here today. Drones and self-driving vehicles may be getting smarter but they still need help navigating the weather.

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Data born. Data taught. Data driven.

Cloud Native

Always Web + ML
Our heads may have always been stuck in the clouds, but we live where the physical environment meets the silicon environment.

Data & IoT

Not Just Our Two Sense
We're bringing more than just another weather station - what sensors do you need sensed and made sense of?

Multiple Data Feeds

We have lots of data, but maybe our data isn't enough to get you to the solution you need. We play nice with your data too.

Micro to Macro

Hyper Local to 10,000ft
A few miles up to a few inches off the ground. County-wide or just your front door. Flexible data modeled flexibly.

Our Cloud or Yours

SaaS or Licensed
From a cost-conscious, worry-free, hosted SaaS API to being licensed in your Cloud with your protected IP. Options.

An App for That

Bespoke, Boutique, un-Biased
If we don't have the app you need, we have the building blocks behind the scenes to get you there. Tell us what you're looking for.

The Future of Weather Data

Starting with daily reports in the newspaper and later on local television, weather is not just news anymore. It is the first step into geospatial data and applications. Extending weather with IoT, AI and ML is no longer just a dream. It's here today.

Simple, accurate weather forecasts for the world we live in.

Combine the world’s best weather forecasts with statistics-based, machine-learning techniques to tackle the largest datasets, including road weather. Fathym Habistack delivers a unique suite of highly specialized forecast variables derived through statistically based machine learning models.

Habistack: Technology and Weather API

Managing the learning path, usage and growth of cloud-native environmental development strategies can be a daunting challenge. Use Habistack to reliably deliver road weather applications across hybrid-clouds. Fathym Habistack offers developers comprehensive weather forecasting capabilities over freely chosen locations and routes across the globe, with any combination of variables.


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Flowing Habistack data into logistic support dashboards for companies as diverse as the worlds largest banks and transportation customers.
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Using data from our forecast to determine road maintenance decision and support, the Alaska Department of Transportation prepositioned assets and vehicles.

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