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Meet Team Fathym - George Hatch

December 1, 2021 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

Here at Fathym, we may be creating amazing tools and products which live in cyberspace, but we’re down to earth, too.

Our team features a wide range of folks like front end engineer George Hatch, who’s been with us for more than three years, joining out of college.

“I like that we’re a small company, so we don’t have a bunch of pressures from up above. And also being small, it helps that we can be even more agile,” Hatch explained on a January afternoon. “Part of being agile is being able to switch gears, creating a website and then hosting with our own software. All that because the prior week we were working on that -- LowCodeUnit -- and trying to get it a little more user-friendly.”

We’ve been working hard for months to bring the world LowCodeUnit – an easy, straightforward way to host a website without knowing how to code – and now we have moved into the user-adoption phase.

Hatch has been crucial when it comes to designing and developing our products’ front end, researching third party tools, and squashing bugs. That includes LowCodeUnit, which he recently used to securely host an online store for his girlfriend’s Redwood Crystals business.

“That’s one thing that I’ve always wondered, when I graduated, I knew how to build an application, but I don’t know how to get it out into the world for everybody to see it,” Hatch explained. “So I think that’s what really empowered me to use LowCodeUnit. Being a developer and knowing how I can get at least the build out there. Going through LowCodeUnit, now I can take that build and then deploy it out there for the world to see.”

And as was a question he posed in the FAQ section of the website, “What do I do with my crystals?”

“You can do whatever you want with your crystals,” Hatch said with a chuckle. “Some people meditate with them; some people just like to look at them. I think they’re cool and it’s cool the earth creates some beautiful, natural art.”

When he’s not staring lovingly at his crystals, or working hard on our software, the “Whitewater King” is possibly leading a guided trip down the Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins or he’s heading into the mountains during a snowstorm.

“I enjoy extreme winter storms and working on Fathym’s pROADject app allows me to create an app that I would use to track road conditions before heading out to the mountains,” Hatch explained.

As we continue to forage ahead along unknown paths, exploring and innovating along the way, valuable team members like George are helping us do the heavy lifting behind the scenes, just like the Fathym platform.

We’re thrilled to be on the precipice of bringing all these wonderful applications to you, to get your valuable feedback and to continue to improve the world in small, meaningful ways online.

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