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Meet Team Fathym - Matt Jackson

December 10, 2021 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

At Fathym, we speak multiple coding languages. But we also understand the importance of speaking “human.”

While we’re working behind the scenes, creating tremendous tools like Fathym, we’re also toiling away, figuring out how to best connect with our customers.

Matt Jackson, our Product Support Specialist, is not only the gatekeeper in terms of testing products, he’s also our developer-to-human intermediary.

“I’ve always considered myself like a liaison between normal people and developers,” Jackson explained on a grey, January morning. “And being able to translate the language between both. So, I understand the technical aspect of it but can also speak human.

“A lot of times developers will get too technical, so I work a lot in translating that,” he said. “I was brought in partly for that aspect of it.”

That’s exactly why he’s the one trouble-shooting both internal and external questions as they arise. Our translator extraordinaire can assist developers thanks to the in-depth knowledge he possesses for our wide range of products. He’s working hard behind the scenes, testing for quality assurance, looking for bugs and he signs off on new versions of our Fathym as they are created.

Our revolutionary Fathym is designed to help you get your website up and running quickly, without needing to be a developer.

Matt was born and raised in Aurora, CO and continues to reside there today. The “meme King” – as he’s known lovingly by his Fathym teammates – likes to keep it light by adding pop culture references to our daily chats.

But make no mistake about it; Matt and the rest of the Fathym team aren’t just joking around all day. We’re seriously collaborating with one another.

“This is probably one of the most close-knit teams that I’ve ever worked with,” Jackson explained. “Even with us all being remote, we all communicate with each other. Everybody has a voice.”

“It’s been great working here,” Jackson continued. “Everybody is relatively free-flowing. It’s like a lot of different puzzle pieces, they do just fit together.”

And just like our teammates fit together, so do our products like Fathym, IoT Ensemble, and Habistack.

Kim Loomis, our lead cat herder and more, said of Jackson, “He’s probably the best product support person I’ve ever encountered. I’ve worked with tons of them and he’s definitely at the top of the heap because he’s just got his ‘stuff’ together all the way around.”

“As a non-developer, he’s super-willing to go, ‘Yep I don’t know what that is either.’ And then we figure it out together,” Loomis continued. “And that’s super helpful because he and I have done a lot of stuff where we sit down one-on-one and just figure something out. And that’s fantastic to have that type of help. Especially as we continue to try and grow our user population.”

Currently, Fathym is moving from our development stage to user adoption, and Jackson is a huge cog in the machine. He’s constantly testing, shaping, and taking in valuable feedback to give our users the best possible experience.

So, if you’re thinking about joining, know Jackson, Loomis and a whole host of capable folks are here to help, here to keep everything running on the back end and here to “speak human” to you, too.

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