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Turn the so-so employee into a go-go contributor with Fathym

December 15, 2021 by Kim Loomis, Product Owner @ Fathym

Jobs have never been so secure. Bosses have stopped firing people.

That's the headline of a CNN Business article this week. Firings and layoffs have nearly stopped as employers do everything they can to keep their all important staff. There are about three job openings for every two job seekers according to latest statistics. With there being more jobs open than job seekers, employers are retaining employees that otherwise they may have let go in the past.

Letting a so-so employee go now means the employer could end up hiring someone who a) costs more, b) takes a long time to find and c) may not even as good as who they let go! To add to the pain, while searching for this new hire, the business suffers with a lack of enough staff, the lower morale of the remaining staff that has to take on additional duties, remaining staff can become disgruntled, and so on. The business can take a real downward spiral. To avoid that, the business keeps the so-so employee; warm bodies are better than no bodies.

A so-so employee usually means that they are on a "PIP", the dreaded performance improvement plan. Typically that means the employee is being pushed toward the door unless they make a drastic turnaround. Not so now. Given today's crazy job market, with the desire to keep staff and keep that staff productively working, the PIP is more likely an employee training program with hopes of true improvement.

Again, that’s where Fathym steps in to help.

Fathym helps address skill gaps in software development. Fathym plays a crucial role in removing the complex tasks that only a handful of savvy senior engineers can tackle. Fathym helps people of varying skill sets rapidly build and deploy cloud-native applications. Tools like Fathym offer a point-and-click interface and menu configuration that allows easy build, deploy, serving up and management of web projects. No/low coding required.

That PIP of your so-so employee needs to include Fathym that will augment their skill set. It can give them the needed boost to their productivity and get your websites delivered. Turn that so-so employee into a go-go productive contributor.

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