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Why Fathym rocks and saves you time

January 14, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym


So, you want to host a website. But, with so many sites, why?

Even with the millions of websites out there, you’re unique. You’re special. You can bring something to the world which has never been seen before, from your personal perspective.

And if you want to create something brand new, does it really benefit you to utilize someone else’s templates? Do you want your website to look like everyone else’s, or do you want the freedom to not only make it to your own specifications, but to actually own your code, too?

Of course, there are tons of website building programs and platforms floating around cyberspace. They vary in terms of features as well as pricing. In fact, the major competitors can be really pricy – more than $300 per year, per site.

Luckily, if you know even a little bit about coding, our LowCodeUnit is currently being offered as a freemium program and we’re working diligently behind the scenes to improve its functionality every day.

Without us at Fathym, you could be looking at 3, 6, maybe even 9 months of work learning Microsoft Azure (or another cloud computing platform) and get your site off the ground. Or you could save time but spend money on an expensive developer.

Without Fathym, it takes a lot more to get up and running than it does with our team’s help. Behind the scenes, Matt Jackson is working day-in and day-out to do all the heavy lifting for your site and your dream. In fact, our entire team has been toiling away for months to get to this point, where Fathym is now ready for you, the users to jump on board.

Why Fathym?

First and foremost, you own your code. That’s critical because you can control your own destiny that way. You may want to leave Fathym in the future, and you’d be able to take your code with you.

Similarly, we’ve worked with small businesses whose web host or developer moved on; they’re left hung out to dry. Imagine being a restauranteur and your website and menu are suddenly no longer online, which means missing out on all that day’s business, or worse, weeks while you find another developer. At Fathym, we’ve got your back.

And another specific coding benefit with Fathym is being able to use multiple different languages within your sites.

“Most of the time all of the sites are built in the same language,” our Director of Engineering Jeremy Tomlinson explained. “With Fathym, you can start to decouple what language is used for different parts of your site. We're not the only ones doing this, but it is somewhat of a modern concept. (And it shows our ability to be agile in this quickly changing world).”

Next up, Fathym offers customization in terms of styling, content management, e-commerce and so much more.

With those more well-known companies, you’re locked into a template, but not with us.

“What we were originally doing was creating a Wix site,” front end engineer George Hatch explained. “Alisha, my girlfriend, was working on that. Wix just restricts a lot of things. And not being able to have your custom URL up there just by default is one. Also, the standard templates they have, it makes yours look like everybody else’s out there.”

Did we mention you get to use your custom domain with Fathym? That’s something we’re proud of and others don’t offer.

Further customization comes with styling your site – using 11ty and Forestry CMS or others – as well as e-commerce solutions for those looking to sell products or even tickets to events; the options are endless.

Fathym helped me be able to get that out there and understand, ‘OK, so I push to GitHub and then I connect that GitHub build to Fathym, or npm build to Fathym, and that’s all I need to do and then they (Fathym) handle everything else behind the scenes,” Hatch explained what he learned while creating his site.

“So, I think that’s what really empowered me to use Fathym,” he continued. “Being a developer and knowing how I can get at least the build out there. Going through Fathym, now I can take that build and then deploy it out there for the world to see.”

What are the benefits of Fathym? Let’s quickly recap:

  • Freemium – Join for free, host one site for free, and add on multiple sites with a monthly subscription.
  • Easy and straightforward – You don’t have to be a developer to use!
  • It’s your code – Keep your code, and your hard work. Move it to a new host in the future. It’s all stored in GitHub or in npm.
  • Custom domain, custom features – Create and craft your perfect domain and your dream site.
  • Automatic security – Provides an automatic security certificate (HTTPS).
  • Easily track traffic – Using GetGist or Google Analytics (Fathym provides those).
  • Create proxies – Easily connect any API to your site.
  • Real humans – We’re here to help, as is our technical documentation found here.
  • While we are releasing Fathym in a freemium way right now, it won’t always be that way. So, we invite you to jump on board this train before it leaves the station!

Join Fathym today!