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Flashups give beauty to the beast of startups

March 8, 2022 by Rich Kurtzman, Brand Communications @ Fathym

No code launch

A tale as old as time, it includes beauty and "the beast.”

The beauty? Your business idea.

The beast? Roadblocks standing in the way.

You want to create a startup, but you need an online presence to spread your word, to sell your goods, to legitimize your idea.

A website accomplishes those goals. It’s the solution to your customers' problem – learning who you are – but you still need customers to hear that story. That means securing resources to cover your shortcomings and accelerate your path to success. Finding that needed funding is like finding a perfect match; it’s hard to come by.

Startups, in general, take a ton of time to get off the ground. They aim to create something new, bring it to the marketplace and then vye for consumers’ attention and dollars. That can be a beastly burden to overcome.

Flashup, outreach, scale

In steps beauty, with a new approach to bringing your idea to life; the Flashup.

Flashups – as defined here – are startups which happen in mere minutes rather than months.

Start at the end. Get a website built and launched to give your business instant credibility.


Build that site so users can hear you, and you can hear them. Find out if their problem is what you thought it was and if the solution will fix that problem.


Finally, scale to your own cloud infrastructure and code only after finding the right approach to your customers right now. Instead of taking educated guesses – like a business plan with a traditional startup – use real-world feedback to inform the next steps and areas of opportunity for your business.

Fathym CTO Michael Gearhardt explained, “Fathym CEO Matt (Smith) and I have always had this vision of rapid innovation. Try your business, then grow your business, which is a little bit of reverse engineering. Our tools aim to make that possible across IoT, app development, devops processes, cloud infrastructure management and of course, website hosting.”

While our competitors talk about creating apps – which is fine! – Fathym focuses on creating businesses and opportunities.

Flashups have already been put into use, as was the case with Redwood Crystals, which you can read more about here.

As time goes on, we’re looking forward to further fleshing out what Flashups look like while supporting more new and existing businesses grow.

“Our Fathym Flashups are used to build new businesses, innovate within proven businesses and scale ideas for any enterprises,” Gearhardt continued.

That's right, flashups don’t just pertain to startup businesses, but ones already in existence, too. Think of a flashup as a level-up for existing businesses who need to start a site, try new ideas or simply need a new host and a refresh.

The Fathym platform is a powerful tool for businesses big and small. The micro frontends allow work to be divided and conquered concurrently. The virtual developer on the back end takes away the need for some human labor, saving both time and money. And the ability to use multiple JavaScript frameworks like Angular and/or React give options to those building sites.

A tale as old as time. Supply and demand.

You have a product or service, and you need customers to learn about it, ASAP. Fathym Flashups could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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