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Define and Standardize: How automation allows traditional and citizen developers to work in concert

In today's fast-paced world, enterprises require solutions to be delivered quickly and efficiently

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The power of the “iceberg concept” in software development

In this blog post, we'll explore the iceberg concept in software development and how it can help us create better products.

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Unlocking the true power of composable low-code application development for the enterprise

In today's fast-paced digital world, companies are looking for ways to increase efficiency and accelerate application delivery

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PostgreSQL Database Storage and Azure

Azure Database is a better production deployment target for PostgreSQL storage, and we explain why here.

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How to simplify QA by testing frontends in production

Testing software is a crucial part of the development cycle. At Fathym, we test in production, and here we explain how that simplifies QA.

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Report | ChatGPT creator OpenAI valued at $29 billion in talks with investors

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm lately. Now, OpenAI is valued at $29 billion. We look at how ChatGPT has already changed the world and how it will continue to. Included: Will it take over for Google?

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Cost Effective Product Testing – Taking Risks and Validating Assumptions

If businesses want to progress, it's important for them to take calculated risks. We give many methodologies for businesses to validate their assumptions.

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What markets are driving demand for IoT and how big is IoT projected to get?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is currently growing at a rapid pace and is projected to do so for years to come.

What is the cause in the rise of data being produced, and which markets are driving that demand? We look at smart cities, wearables, smart homes and more.

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How AI chatbots could replace human writers | And what writers can do about it

Artificial intelligence is taking off lately, with ChatGPT seeing over 1 million users in the two weeks since it was introduced.

ChatGPT3 is so advanced, it writes in a "human-like way" and it's not too far fetched to see how it could replace human writers in the near future.

In fact, when asking ChatGPT to define AI, it included concerns that "AI could automate jobs" and others.

So, will AI replace human writers? And what can humans do to fight back?

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3 ways AI is transforming our world already, including ChatGPT

AI is having a moment.

From ChatGPT to to MidJourney and even our own Habistack; artificial intelligence is already changing our world and will only continue to as time goes on.

We explore ChatGPT and how that will/is affecting writing and software development. Then we dive into AI-generated art and the ethics behind it. And finally, how AI-ML work together.

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Go Directly to the Top of the Mountain! | How Fathym helps the Ski Industry with its Season Pass Technology

December means it's ski season! And Fathym is excited to be partnered with Vail Resorts and Telluride, helping them communicated and keeping skiers and snowboarders on the mountains with ease.

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FIFA smart soccer balls are tip of technological iceberg in sports

Sports are being aided and altered by technology, and FIFA's new soccer ball is another example of that.

Their new World Cup soccer ball features two sensors which determines types of movement and speed as well as the location of the ball on the pitch. That's helping referees determine if a player is offside or not, as the USMNT was against Iran on Tuesday.

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How AI-based forecasts can help refrigerated trucks keep their cool

Like any type of delivery, refrigerated trucks have a target delivery time. But, uniquely, those "refer" trucks are under more pressure to deliver their goods on time, otherwise perishible items will spoil.

With AI and machine learning, Habistack weather forecasting API gives drivers and companies the ability to know what weather could delay deliveries. And how to avoid it.

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Biotech, Biomanufacturing get a shot in the arm as US looks to end cancer

US president Joe Biden announced the "cancer moonshot" in September, and along with that, America will invest heavily in biotech and biomanufacturing.

Fathym’s out-of-the-box cloud solutions can power biotechnology and biomanufacturing vendors or researchers to get their apps off the ground quicker.

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As snow falls across Colorado, Habistack weather forecasting API gives drivers crucial information

There's a big snowstorm across most of Colorado and into Wyoming today, all along the front range.

We explain how Habistack weather forecasting API not only gives accurate forecasts but can help drivers make commutes safely. Habistack gives drivers information on the road state -- icy, wet, snowy -- along with delay risk and more.

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Forbes projects Internet of Healthcare Things as a top-4 IoT trend in 2023

As the Internet of Things becomes more pervasive in everyday life, the Internet of Healthcare Things will continue to grow, too.

Many of us have taken part in virtual health visits over the last few years, and as IoHT sensors become better, doctors and nurses will be able to monitor patients from home.

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Fathym named among top Colorado IoT, big data companies

We're honored to be named to Colorado's best IoT companies as well as Colorado's best big data companies. Here, we explain some of what IoT Ensemble can bring to small, medium and enterprise-level businesses.

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Composable vs. Modular frontends and how they work together

Modular frontend architecture means building smaller frontends. Composable frontends are built on top of modular architecture, and they mean using a combination of high, low, or no-code tools together in one UI/UX.

Together, companies and developers have ultimate flexibility and freedom when it comes to building a website or micro app.

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How trucking companies can save money with route-based forecasts

Trucking companies account for 72.5% of American freight and bring all types of goods to our doorsteps and into our local communities.

Now those same companies can save money by using Habistack weather forecasting API and create apps to help drivers avoid weather-related delays.

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High-code vs. Low-code vs. No-code | Which is best for your business?

If you're building a website or web app, there are multiple different ways to go about it. Do you want to use high-code -- developing from scratch -- low-code or no-code tools?

Within Fathym's composable frontends, businesses can use a combination of all three. We dive into what high, low and no-code tools are, how they work and what to consider when picking one.

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How Habistack assists campers prepare for the elements

Camping is an exciting way to get away from the internet and cell phone coverage while simultaneously getting outdoors and into nature.

Of course, there's a reason why we've built houses and cities; being in nature means being subjected to the elements! Knowing what weather to prepare for helps everyone enjoy camping and Habistack weather forecasting API has your back.

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Positives and negatives of Nuxt.js

There are many framework options to build websites and web apps. Nuxt.js is newer on the scene of JavaScript frameworks, but it's quickly risen in popularity.

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Green Dragons and Greener Pastures | Big Farming is Big Business and Big Science

Farming foods is an essential piece of our food supply. In order to grow efficiently, understanding and utilizing science is crucial.

A look at how Habistack's weather forecasting API as well as its machine-learning capabilities would have helped an old-school farmer, and how they can help modern farmers today, too.

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How Habistack helps delivery companies avoid delays

Delivery companies -- like UPS, Amazon and FedEx -- have seem a boom in shipments over the course of the pandemic.

And as the demands on drivers increases, one way to avoid delays is to have robust weather forecasting. That's where Habistack comes in.

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How Habistack helps make road trips safer and easier

Road trips are fun ways to get out of town for the weekend, or enjoy a week exploring the world around you.

Now, using Habistack and our app Proadject, you can make those road trips safer and easier by knowing what weather to expect along the entire route of your journey.

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5 reasons you should be using modular frontnends

Modular frontends are flexible and functional.

We give all the great benefits of using modular frontends, including scalability, independent teams and more.

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5 great drives to see aspens changing colors in Colorado

Fall means the aspens are changing from green to beautifully bright golden colors. We look at five great drives to take around the Centennial State to get your leaf peepin' fix.

Habistack and pRoadject together can help people plan their adventures up high, Rocky Mountain passes.

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Habistack | Knowing when and where a hurricane will hit

Hurricane Ian is nearing a Category 5 and hitting the west coast of Florida hard.

We look at how hurricanes are created, and how Fathym's Habistack can help track storms of this magnitude. Not only that, Habistack can help those in the path of the storm evacuate to safety using Proadject.

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How Habistack takes a deluge of data to make accurate weather forecasts

Habistack, the feature-rich API that offers a powerful suite of weather forecasting and open-source data visualization tools, can help a wide variety of industries.

We look at the data Habistack measures, and how it uses machine learning and AI to create accurate weather forecasts.

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Habistack keeps railways on the fast track

Habistack is a robust, feature-rich API that offers a powerful suite of weather forecasting and open-source data visualization tools. The Habistack API allows the railroads to keep constant outlook on what is happening across the U.S.

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How the NFL uses biometrics to thrill fans

The National Football League has been tracking biological data of players on the field since 2017.

With that tracking comes amazing looks at many aspects of the game. That includes the speed of the players, the routes they run on the field as well as "Stat That" statistics.

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What are biometrics and how can they help improve health?

Biometrics are an ever-expanding field which are impacting most people on a daily basis, usually in a good way.

Many are tracking their health data using "wearables" and then setting goals and working toward healthier lives. We examine a few options for wearables, the health data they track and more here.

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How to turn your Figma designs into enterprise-ready apps

Figma's acquisition by Adobe for $20 billion on Thursday was major news.

Here, we look at how enterprises can use Figma to design wonderful web apps and then use Fathym and our Microsoft Azure cloud to host those apps. Or, enterprises can scale to their own cloud when needed.

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The Science of Defiance | Tom Brady plays on

Biometrics have become well-known in recent years, helping everyone track steps, heart rates and sleep.

But one of the earliest adopters was the NFL and specificaly Tom Brady, who's used biometrics to extend his NFL career to 21 years.

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When baseball, sportsmanship and unprofessionalism collide to ruin a young fan’s experience

Going to an MLB ballpark is supposed to be a fun, memorable time for young fans. Instead, these young boys were treated unfairly by an unprofessional pitcher on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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CHIPS and Science Act leads to today’s groundbreaking of Intel’s $20B plant

Intel broke ground on a new $20 billion plant on Friday, and it signals a new American manufacturing resurgence. The semiconductor chips which will be made in the plant will be used in cars, phones and even IoT equipment which will help run the plants themselves.

Fathym's IoT Ensemble can help businesses tackle the influx of data as manufacturing comes back to the US.

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Positives and negatives of Next.js

There are a bunch of newer JavaScript frameworks, and Next.js is really popular lately.

We take a look at the positives and negatives of the framework here.

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Explaining composable frontend architecture as simply as possible

Looking for the perfect frontend experience?

Compose your solution with ease today. Learn about composable frontends, how they work and how they can create sensational sites and web apps today.

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3 frameworks and 1 runtime developers should know in 2022

The world of frontend website development is ever-changing. There are some slick, new tools out there which are really popular, too.

We look at the positives and negatives of next.js, node.js, nuxt.js and Phoenix Framework here.

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Fathym on the Views on Vue Podcast

Our Director of Engineering Jeremy Tomlinson and Brand Communications representative Rich Kurtzman were happy to be part of the Views on Vue Podcast in mid-August.

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Report | Azure edges out AWS as most-used cloud by buisinesses

For the first time ever, Microsoft Azure is being used by more small and medium businesses than AWS. That's true for enterprise-level businesses as well.

Thanks to our "virtual cloud architect" we ease all the pain and suffering surrounding setting up your website in the Azure cloud.

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Modular frontends are fantastically functional

Modular frontends are the way of the future.

They make building a website easier with smaller codebases, simpler upgrades and deployments and more.

The modular approach is awesome if you're using multiple JavaScript frameworks, no-code tools and static page generators together. Or, simply use the same framework for every route and page on your site.

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